NDCN Code Clinic

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These sessions are Intended for people who have had some experience in programming or data analysis. For example, you might be a post-doc, early career researcher, or final-year PhD students.


The aim is to offer programming or computational advice for researchers at NDCN who don't have access to methods expertise. There's already a similar clinic in Experimental Psychology. I will offer general advice on best practices, tools, and I will try to direct you to specific information and resources as required. People often find it useful to simply talk through code and methods.

Sanjay Manohar is a Clinican Scientist and a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute. He has written both published and commercial software, and runs the "Good Coding Practice" course at the University IT Learning Program


We will meet for a half-hour. There is one slot per week; see the calendar link above to book. I'll be trialling this for a few months, to see what the demand for these consults is like. Please bring your data or code on a laptop. Send me an email the the day before, explaining (in one or two sentences) the problem or question. Not sure if your problem is appropriate? Contact me at sanjay.manohar@ndcn.ox.ac.uk.