Formula Graph

Simply type the expression or formula to graph, and it will display a plot of the curve.
LEFT-click zoom in
RIGHT-click zoom out
drag mouse pan graph
hover over variableshows curve family
You can visualise equations of the form:
y = f(x) plot y as a simple function of x
x = f(t); y = f(t) parametric function (e.g. x and y vary over time) - specify the bounds of parameter t
r = f(t) polar function, radius as a function of angle - specify range of angle t
f(x,y) = 0 implicit function - plots contours of where f = 0
  • Functions can have free parameters - use letters or words, and they will appear in the "variables" panel
    • click on the value of a variable, and you can drag the slider around to show how the parameter changes the shape of the curve
    • right-click on a variable and choose "animate" to visualise a range of values of the parameter.
  • Multiple functions can be plotted using "equations... add/remove"
  • Sets of equations can be stored or loaded from the server using "equations... save/load"
  • Data can be fitted to functions with arbitrary parameters (least squares)
    • type or paste a list of x and y coordinates into the "data" tab. Should accept data from any application as long as X and Y are interleaved.
    • use "data... draw points" to place data points by clicking on the graph - these points can also be copied out to other applications
  • Functions can be selected from a library of interesting formulae - choose a category.