Current lab members

Sanjay Manohar

Sanjay is an MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Neurologist. Personal website

Eda Mizrak

Eda is a Marie Curie Fellow in the lab and Lecturer at Queen Mary’s. She works on the interaction of long-term and short-term memory, using EEG and MEG.

Sam Recht

Sam is a postdoctoral researcher and Fyssen Postdoctoral Fellow. He works on working memory, metacognition and attention, using MEG.

Xin You Tai

Xin You is a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellow in Neurology, working on cognitive changes in epilepsy. He studies the mechanisms of memory impairment in patients with seizures.

Youssuf Saleh

Youssuf is a postdoctoral neurology trainee at the John Radcliffe Hospital who works on dopaminergic control over rapid dynamic changes in motivation.

Previous lab members

Kinan Muhammed

Kinan is an NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Neurology (2020) studying the effects of reward, motivation and mood on memory. He applies precise measures of eye movements and pupil dilatation to clinical populations with deficits in these domains.

John Grogan

John was a Postdoctoral researcher working on motivation and how it relates to working memory and motor control (2018-2020). He studies how reward can improve the precision of cognitive processes.

Andrea Bocincova

Andrea was a Postdoctoral researcher 2018-2020 working in collaboration with Prof. Mark Stokes on working memory. She employed computational models to look for flexible and dynamic coding in prefrontal cortex.

Doctoral Students

Younes Tabi (DPhil)

Moritz Moeller (DPhil)

Stephanie Hirschbichler (PhD)

Frida Printzlau (DPhil)

Bahaa Attaallah (DPhil)

RAs and MSc students

  • Rowan Board (Research assistant 2022) is now a PhD student at UCL
  • Tim Sandhu (Research Assistant, 2018-2020) is now a PhD student in Cambridge
  • Rebecca Dawn Finzi (Master’s Student) is now a PhD student at Stanford
  • Matthias Raemaekers (Master’s student 2020) is doing a PhD at U Gent, Netherlands
  • Simon Reichert (UAS Offenburg, Germany)