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Healthy volunteers needed for study on motivation and decision-making

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences,
University of Oxford (2019-2021)

We are looking for healthy volunteers (aged 18-50) to improve our understanding of how motivation is influenced by brain chemistry. When you do something that you find rewarding, it is the release of the dopamine that signals this, and when you are paying attention, acetylcholine levels increase. This study will help us better understand how dopamine and acetylcholine influence motivation in diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

Studies take place at New Radcliffe House Jericho, John Radcliffe Hospital, or at the Warneford Hospital. After performing some baseline decision-making tasks and questionnaires, you may be asked questions about your medical history to check your suitability for participation in the drug studies, and MRI or MEG/EEG sessions. You will be compensated for your time.

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Version 1.1 08/10/19, Central University Ethics Committee Number R45265/RE001